My-Asset is the leader in motor vehicle and property valuation, we have very considerable insurance trade expertise and we inspect more vehicles than anyone else. Our customer service center provides you with essential support for our services. Our clients include major motor vehicle assembly companies, their affiliated financial services firms, car rental companies, saccos, micro-finance, fleet management companies, businesses with their own fleet and, of course, insurance companies.

Motor Vehicle Valuation

Valuation is a process of estimating the worth of an asset in monetary terms, at a particular time for a specified purpose by a professional. Valuation services were started in Kenya in the mid-70s and have grown in leaps and bounds to what we see today.

Motor Accident Assessment and Reporting

Using all the available tools on the market, My-Asset can provide an independent report, where damage to cars is assessed. This report includes digital photos of damage and each car. We can also provide a complete investigation of the accident. The service can be provided either locally or remotely for speedy assessment and repair estimate reporting.

Accident Reporting

Our professional team of valuers and assessors will immediately attend to the scene of accident and provide a report that provides the details of the accident to enable insurance companies and other players effectively obtain information needed to triage claims, process those that can be paid with this information and make decisions on what to do with claims that require more facts.

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